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Business of Telling Stories Workshop with Colie James - A Review


Location: Burnsville, MNPhotography

Feb 28 2015
 minneapolis photography

When I found Colie's (Colorado, documentary/lifestyle photographer) work I knew I wanted to take her workshop. Over the past few years I've been soaking up anything and everything photography and doing a combination of portraits and more lifestyle/documentary work, only recently deciding to take a few classes/mentorships to further my growth. The past six months I've really narrowed my focus down to documentary/lifestyle and Colie's style reflects that beautifully. My passion lies with capturing the real, everyday moments – the raw, honest and beautiful. I was a little worried I wouldn't fit in given that I have dogs and no human children; but my smushies are pretty much the closest a dog can get to human child so it worked out splendidly.

When I discovered her workshop I put myself on the waitlist immediately and anxiously awaited the next run. Colie's class was AMAZING. The forum was well laid out, user friendly and the participants were wonderful. Not only is it incredibly valuable to surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same things you are, but also immensely valuable to receive regular feedback and constant access to a super talented photographer and creative stimulation is incredibly gratifying (and addictive!).

Colie's lessons were jammed pack with valuable information and great challenges/assignments that push you to tell stories in a meaningful and interesting ways. She didn't hold back on sharing everything with the class and providing feedback in a clear, constructive manner. She is incredibly talented not only as a photographer, but also as a teacher and encourager. She is super dedicated and responsive to the students and I gained an incredible amount of knowledge from her class. If you dedicate yourself to this class you will get sooo much out of it! I can't say enough good things about it. I'm just sad it had to end:( But trust me...I will be applying and growing from her information and lessons long after the workshop close.

And learning slideshows? Did I mention how much I love them? I want all my clients to have a physical record of our time together: slideshows/albums, etc so that you may always remember that amazing time in your life that is right now and not just let those photos sit on your computer somewhere.

So without further ado...some of my favorite images taken during this class (including the one above):

French Bulldog Cookie trying to get a jar of peanut butter, burnsville lifestyle photography minneapolis photography
French bulldog warming herself by the heater and trying to get peanut butter minneapolis photography
Man and his french bulldog and boston terrier lying in bed minneapolis photography
French bulldog looking over dad's shoulder in search of dinner, Burnsville lifestyle photographer minneapolis photography
Lifestyle photography, Burnsville MN, french bulldog puppy taking a bath minneapolis photography
Morning with French bulldog puppy, waking up and going outside, MN winter photography minneapolis photography
 minneapolis photography
 minneapolis photography
In-home lifestyle photographer, Burnsville MN couple kissing and making breafast with frenchie minneapolis photography
Family in Minneapolis MN, in-home family lifestyle photography making breakfast minneapolis photography
You can find more of this session here.
In-hospital newborn photographer, St. Louis Park, Baby Malia minneapolis photography
You can find more of this session here.

A deep thank you to Colie (and her wonderful TA, Kayla) for sharing your knowledge, please go checkout her work: Colie James Photography.

Interested in a storytelling session? I'd love to hear from you!
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