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Cookie is 1 | Burnsville Documentary Photographer

Life with the Smushies

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Mar 26 2015
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Cookie is 1! I can hardly believe it. Time flies. It's amazing how little she was and how big she's gotten. I think she was about 5 lbs or so when we brought her home and just piles of folds. Now she is about 22 lbs and a little porkchop and still up to no good! Everything I've ever wanted I've wanted badly, with obsession and fever. Cookie was no exception. I wanted a second dog and it had to be a smushy. Jordan insisted we wait a bit and I insisted we do it right away as I approach all things.

Collage of french bulldog puppy, burnsville mn documentary photography minneapolis photography
I wanted a little sister for Candy and so it was that Cookie came to be... a rolly, polly pudgeball as cute as cute could be. She bonded with Candy instantly, following her around like a shadow, determined to do whatever Candy did and always laying on top of her. To my surprise, Candy was exceptionally tolerant and I loved her more for it. It's amazing how fast it minute she's this tiny ball of rolls and the next minute a full grown dog (or almost?). She is nothing short of full puppy though. She lost her rolls, she no longer sleeps with her tongue out clucking and she can climb stairs...these little things I wanted to always be are not. She still is pretty chubby though and runs around the house like a complete crazy town. She loves all toys and loves to chew multiple at once. This weekend I bought 5 lb weights and when I left them on the floor she came racing into the kitchen with one in her mouth thinking it was a bone. LOL. She is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, most frustrating dog ever and I love her to pieces. Happy Birthday Cookie!

Check out the highlights of Cookie's year in her 1st year video below!

Stayed tuned for Cookie's puppy party pictures and video. It's going to be wild! To see other posts and updates like this tune into my Facebook page

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