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I don't want to Pose You | Minneapolis, MN Documentary Photographer


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Apr 19 2015
 minneapolis photography

Most of my baby pictures are at my parents house, but I do have a small album at home. This is a photo of my mom and I. I'm not sure how old I was, but I was a little chub and looked like a cabbage patch doll. This photo is out of focus but I love it just the same. It tells me so much in just a small space, you get a sense of what my first home was like, what I looked like, what my mom looked like, the way my mom is looking at me, some of the toys I had, our pets, you get a sense of time from the tv and the vhs'. It tells a story about my childhood and I love it. This is why I am so passionate about capturing a bit of the everyday. Packaging up a little bit of home and life right now to bring back that nostalgia years later.

As horrifying as this may sound (ok probably only to me) I can barely remember 10 years ago...I feel like it has faded into random moments of recall...the scent of peach shaving cream brings me back to my grandma's bathroom in her little house in the country where I lived for part of my freshman year of highschool. It is distinct and without fail. I don't really use shaving cream anymore, just an assortment of soaps on the ledge of my bathtub, but I've had this moment of recall so many times since it was imprinted. I love catapulting back to a moment, to a season in life. Photographs, videos, songs, certain scents, they have that amazing power to transport you without warning.

I want to remember my life. I want to be able to capture stories to share with my children and their children. The things that I loved, the way I felt, the way it felt to be 16, to be 18, to be 22 and to be married with smushies...on the brink of motherhood. I hope to capture details of my home, my relationships, what I was into, what I looked like, how I loved, the people that mattered to me. Those things usually are not captured in a field. Those images are beautiful and have their place, but I want more.

I know I can't perfectly bottle up my entire life into a time capsule, but the essence of the time I can. Sometimes I imagine my life as a montage of moments, a never-ending film with the perfect soundtrack.

All these moments of today, this moment right now....My life before children. THIS IS MY LIFE. It doesn't start when I have children, or the perfect body or the perfect hair, or more money or a nicer house (and let me tell you I'm totally guilty of that trap). It's in motion, full-speed ahead. This is my wonderful, beautiful, everyday life. This day will soon be yesterday and someday it'll be "10 years ago." I want a record of it. The details of my life that I was certain I'd never forget have become increasingly hazier over time. The photographs and video lend a little permanence – they help me remember, they give me that warm fuzzy nostalgia I enjoy so much.

I want to document the real, everyday moments in our lives. That moment between the look and smile. That is not to say I won't sometimes make suggestions or do a few poses (because I will), but my goal is to capture your story true to life and to see what unfolds naturally.

 minneapolis photography

I want to capture life at home. Home is where the magic happens. It is the keeper of the everyday. It is the place we spend so much of our lives. It is the place of firsts, it holds records on the walls of days gone by and art that tells what moves us. It is where we are weaving our story and it is where I most love to photograph people.

What is part of your everyday? What are the funny little things you children are into right now? What do you want to remember about your life right now? THAT is what I want to give you. I want to give you this season in life in a collection of photographs you can look back on fondly and remember and share with generations to come.

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