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My Photography Bucketlist


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Sep 9 2014
 minneapolis photography

There are a few things I am really passionate about photographing: children being children, everyday activities of families, beauty portraits of young women and let's not forget my little smushy faced friends.

I recently started a list of things I would love to photograph! I am sure I don't even have half this list together...BUT I wanted to present it to the world in hopes that someone who matches my desire may stumble upon it;) hint, hint!

  1. Children/Family Lifestyle Session at a pumpkin patch. I mean how cool would those photos be?
  2. Photoshoot at an Apple Orchard. I go to Bayfield apple fest every year and love photographing it. I would love to document a family apple picking and exploring an orchard.
  3. Life on the farm or adventures on the farm. Children running around playing with chickens and other cute animals? I think yes.
  4. Adoption. I would love to photograph any part of an adoption or homecoming. That would be an awesome story to document!
  5. Lifestyle photoshoot of a family out to get ice cream. I have no idea why this is so appealing, but it is. Probably because kids love sugar and are messy, so it'd be adorable.
  6. First Day of School. I would love, love to document the morning of a young child/families first day of school or back to school
  7. Puppy Litter. Okay obviously I would prefer the short nosed variety, but I would love to photograph a litter of puppies, better yet with children playing with them.
  8. Picking the puppy up from the breeder. I documented pieces of Cookie's arrival and would love to document a family or couple picking up their puppy from the breeder and bringing them home!
  9. Family Vacation. I kind of already did this with Mexico. But I would love to go on vacation with a family with little kids and document their adventures. I love traveling.
  10. Halloween. I'd love to document a child in costume, bonus if the child is holding a pet in costume. Rooting through candy, carving pumpkins...
  11. Day in the Life. Okay I realize this is probably a given, but I want to do lots of day in the life sessions. I want to document families living their lives and making memories. The little things we take for granted and recall years later with nostalgia and a vague recollection of what those moments entailed.
  12. Gender Reveal I always see such awesome pictures of gender reveal parties, balloons, cupcakes, paint, the ideas are endless!
  13. Couple's first home. Ok so this wouldn't be the first time...because I just did a family in their new home, but I LOVED it. These memories are so awesome and would be an awesome keepsake.
  14. Ireland. I realize this is a bit of longshot...but I'd love you forever.

So i'm literally going to start adding a strikethrough these items as they get checked off my list. If you think you have a session that might match one of these items let me know, I'll give you 10% of my regular session prices. Just mention this post! I will probably keep thinking of things all the time and adding to this list. So feel free to check back. And of course I'd love to hear your awesome ideas for a lifestyle shoot.

Can you scratch an item off my photoshoot bucket list? I'd love to hear from you!!
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