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Self Portraits with Frenchie & Boston Terrier


Location: Minneapolis, MNPhotography

Jul 17 2014
Self portrait by trees of photographer, Angela Norlen minneapolis photography
I am always photographing the dogs. I mean every.single.night. I'm their own personal paparazzi. I'm very rarely in pictures so tonight I decided to set up the tripod and do some self-portraits.
Black and white self portrait of Angelina Faye Photographer, Angela Norlen with Frenchie puppy minneapolis photography
And of course they wouldn't be complete without my two baby girls. Here's Cookie! She was more interested in what Candy was doing than what I wanted her to do. As Jordan would say, "Duh, she's a dog."
 minneapolis photography
and here's Candy!
And there's me! minneapolis photography
Black and white outdoor portrait of Minneapolis Photographer, Angela Norlen minneapolis photography
Did I mention I love the wi-fi feature on my camera? I set the camera on the tripod, connect it to my phone and can wirelessly control it!
 minneapolis photography
 minneapolis photography
Cookie for weighed at the vet this week and she's a little over 12 lbs.
Black and white portrait of photographer, Angela Norlen holding her Frenchton Puppy minneapolis photography
I can't even imagine what the neighbors must think of me. I was twirling around in circles and making stupid faces at the camera. Gotta do what ya gotta do right?
 minneapolis photography
 minneapolis photography
Love this one!
Golden Hour portrait of Photographer of Angelina Faye Photography looking into light minneapolis photography
Love the light in our backyard.
Black and white portrait of French Bulldog puppy with photographer, Angela Norlen minneapolis photography
I love black and white images! Pretty sure this one is my favorite.
Do you have a Boston, Frenchie or Pug? I love these breeds soooo much that I have a special photography package just for the smushies.
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