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What is in-home storytelling photography?

I photograph families in-home, documentary style. My ultimate goal is to work with you to craft a session that captures the genuine, honest moments in between the look and smile; the real, everyday moments like the snuggles and saturday breakfasts, the bikes rides and favorite toys, the little traditions and quirks that make your family unique. I want to capture the imperfect beauty of your everyday life. We'll work together to plan a session with activities true to your everyday and the little things that you don't want to forget years from now.

Slideshows bring your story to life.

  • "I loved the slideshow, too. So did Malena - she watched it 4 times in a row."
  • "Brittan is on his 6th time watching the video. I can't even get him to watch more than 1 minute of TV. That is an enormous compliment from any 2 year old but especially one who'd rather play."

"We just looked at the photos again as a family, and we all feel like you captured "us" so well. The shot of Miles with the broom is so him right now, and the series of MJ and Miles playing doctor makes my heart melt. It's what they do. You captured them completely :) "

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

— Robert Brault
  • Plan.

    Whether you want to document a sliver of your everyday such as reading books, playing a favorite game, making forts or dancing or a special occasion such as a new baby or new puppy I'm excited to tell your story. I'll ask you about yourself and your family and we'll plan a custom session that includes activities that showcase what your life is like right now.

  • Capture.

    Sessions generally last around 2 hours. You and your family engage in the actitives we've brainstormed prior to the session and we also see what magically unfolds on its own. I photograph primarily in-home with natural light or at a meaningful place nearby. You wear what you want and have fun with your family. While this is not a portrait session, we can still take a few smiling for the camera.

Preserve and Remember.

Sessions packages have the option to include a slideshow or album because memories deserve to be shared and preserved.

"Thank you for the beautiful photos and memories you've given our family. You do an incredible job. You are professional, fun, understanding, flexible, and extremely comforting.

My Why

"I believe this moment is precious and we can't get back the moments that came before. Growing up I always had a camera or video camera in hand and I've been telling stories my whole life. I love looking at old photo albums, scrapbooks and home videos. I want to remember what my life looked like, what it felt like and the people and things that mattered along the way. I hope that I can capture a bit of those people, places and moments for you too."

What are the little things that make up your day? I'd love to capture your story.

Storytelling Packages start at $395. Please contact me for more details:
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